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    All seeds 10% off April 28th - May 8th.

    Celebrate the Mamas with the gift of seeds!

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    Foundroot Is

    A family-owned Alaskan company giving you only the best cold-tolerant, fast growing, frost resistant, and extra rugged 100% open-pollinated seeds.

    Tough climate? Tough seeds.


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NEW FOR 2016

Germination Close Up 600 Plants In 6 Square Feet: DIY Seed Starting Without Destroying Your Home - The time has come. Whether or not the snow has melted and your thoughts have moved towards spring, it’s time to get in gear. Planting season is fully upon us and in gardens that annually get blanketed in snow, starting plants indoors can make or break your season. In the Last Frontier, our short summer […]
Leek Sprouts Seed Is King: Why Buying Plant Starts Might Not Be For You - Many gardeners will forgo starting from seed and buy all their plants as starts. Here are a few reasons why we invest the time, energy, and money towards starting from seed. Get What You Need There are literally hundreds of different varieties of vegetables to choose from and not all of them are going to […]