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    Our Online Store is now open for the season. Happy planting!

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    Foundroot Is

    A family-owned Alaskan company giving you only the best cold-tolerant, fast growing, frost resistant, and extra rugged 100% open-pollinated seeds.

    Tough climate? Tough seeds.


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Sow friendship, love, and generosity with the gift of seeds on your next occasion. Any amount you want, no expiration date, and emailed to you instantly.


NEW FOR 2016

Yurt Shell The Year of the Alaska Grown Seed - As we sit, looking through the large glass window separating us from the elements, only one word comes to mind: gratitude. Six months of living in an old 5 person pop-up tent wears on you in surprising ways. We began referring to “inside” as if it were this magical place that contained all that was […]
Strolling through the redwoods Concluding Our 1,000 Mile Journey - Once we were safely across the Columbia River and on Oregon soil, the biking conditions improved dramatically. The Oregon coast route is an old standard for bicycle touring for very good reason. Endless sandy beaches punctuated by steep cliffs, rock arches, offshore sea stacks in the midst of roiling water. The infrastructure for long distance […]