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    Seed Season Is Here

    Our shop is now open for the season. Orders will ship within 5 business days in the order in which they were received. Happy planting!

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    Foundroot Is

    A family-owned Alaskan company giving you only the best cold-tolerant, fast growing, frost resistant, and extra rugged 100% open-pollinated seeds.

    Tough climate? Tough seeds.


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NEW FOR 2018


IMG_0901 2018, When Fortune Favors The Bold - Do you remember when everyone was talking about how 2016 was a rubbish year? Everyone exclaimed as the new year came on that 2017 would be filled with hope and promise, the light at the end of the tunnel with only good things to come. We were most certainly on that boat. Although we can’t […]
IMG_2141 2017, We Welcome You With Open Arms - Outside the snow is coming down, silent and calm. In the last day, four more inches have been added to the several existing feet. For Alaskans, winter brings the deep desire to cozy up inside and receive some respite from the chaos of the summer season. After our first growing season on our new plot of […]