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Project Snow Melt

Well, it has been quite a winter. We have been building snowmen, setting records, and will be spring skiing into summer. Here at Foundroot, seeds have been sprouting since February. As the nooks and crannies of our home filled up with seedlings, it became clear a few weeks ago that we need to get much more proactive about the piles of snow blanketing our garden. We inherited a small homemade cold frame on the land we’ve moved to, so that seemed like a logical place to start. And thus, ‘Project Snow Melt’ began…
There are several things that are not ideal about this cold frame: the irregular sizing, its rough rebar casing, and the dilapidated planter boxes inside. However, there are some perks as well: it is very sturdy, it sits on a cement slab which will deter weeds and help with heating, and the best part is that it’s already built. We ordered 6mm greenhouse film to cover it up and thaw the soil in the planter boxes. To keep the heating bills down, we plan on sourcing fresh manure to cover the floor, place buckets of water inside, and covering it with reflective tarps at night to get it up to temperature for the seedlings. Stay tuned as our grand experiment in passive heating develops and happy snow melting!
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