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Manure, Beer Bottles, and Bubble Wrap

Brown snow, flooded streets, and the uncovering of dead grass has sent us frolicking around the yard with ear to ear grins. Spring is springing and this greenhouse project is starting to become urgent. Time to get cracking.

Our first challenge was figuring out how to put our very fancy and expensive greenhouse film over the rough rebar casing without tearing it. We mused on using everything from duct tape to old sheets but ultimately we decided to go with pipe insulation for its durability and extra cushioning.

We then found some local, weed-free horse manure and straw to cover the floor with. At this point, we realized that it would be very difficult (and messy) to remove the dirt from the planter boxes with manure everywhere and we needed to get the encroaching grass out before we moved any further. Nick got to it and started the first layer of modified sheet mulching around the edges of the frame and started getting the dirt out of the planter boxes.

To no one’s surprise, he ended up finding bubble wrap lining the inside of the planter boxes. Seriously. So we ripped that out and are now repairing them and putting in some proper lining before putting them back in the frame.

We have also been playing with what containers to use for passive water heating. In the mean time, I have been taking a field trip every morning and every evening with our very cranky plants. They are sick of being carted around and crowded in the kitchen at night and I can definitely empathize. Hopefully this week we’ll get the rest of the dirt out, the rest of the manure in, and it will be 50 degrees through the night. Ha, I’d settle for 40… At least the broccoli could sleep under the stars.
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