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Spring Cleaning Completion

Greenhouse building is not for the faint of heart. Well, greenhouse gutting and reconstructing rather… Once I began removing the noxious weed seed filled soil from the old planter beds, it became clear that the wood had rotted and wouldn’t hold up another season. With a load roar and some expletives under my breath, I lugged out all the old beds including a paint-peeling old shelf the previous renters used as a planter box and many rusty nails. If you haven’t been following along, check out some “before” shots here.

Our wine bottle warming technique. Nick was out of town so I navigated the hardware store and decided on using the cheapest plant-friendly wood available: landscaping logs. I hand cut the ends and lincoln logged them together with 6″ wood screws. With some free burlap from the local coffee roaster, I lined the beds for insulation and as a weed blocker. I then sewed pockets out of the burlap and attached them on top of the lining. I filled wine bottles that I got for free from a local restaurant with water and placed them in the pockets. Lastly, I screwed 1″ pvc couplings into the wood and bent 3/4″ pvc to create another frame around the beds themselves.

Manure compost at the end of each bed. Next to the planter boxes I stacked logs with 3″ gaps in between and lined them with burlap. This provided more aeration and easy access to our horse manure compost without spending a lot more on materials. Finally, we have our kitchen table back–just in time to put all the plants in the ground. Nonetheless, we can spend the summer fine tuning the set-up and hopefully enjoy veggies into the snowy season. Onward to the garden!

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