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Our Seeds

All of Foundroot seeds are sourced from the USA. We are actively and tirelessly searching for small family farms with ethical growing practices to purchase seeds from but this can be challenging. Many small farms don’t grow the specific and often obscure varieties that we need and small farms often can’t afford to sell wholesale quantities. When we can’t find a particular variety directly from a farm, we revert to larger companies that also refuse to sell GMO seeds. When we have the choice and it is financially viable, we always choose to buy organic.

Our seed offerings are subject to what is available and will transform as our trials continue and we find stronger varieties. We aim to know exactly where our seeds are coming from including the land that they are grown on and the people who grow them. We are currently sourcing from over 30 different farms throughout Maine, Vermont, Colorado, Oregon, California, New York, Idaho, Washington, and North Dakota.

We are excited to announce that we cleared our land in 2015 and began growing our first seed crops in Summer 2016.

We can’t wait to start the process of transitioning Foundroot into all Alaska Grown seed.