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White Russian Kale
White Russian Kale 2

Kale: White Russian (AK)



Brassica olceracea
100 seeds
Maturity: 60 days

Bred by Frank Morton and brought to the public through the Open Source Seed Initiative, White Russian is truly the king of kales. Similar to other Siberian varieties, White Russian grows larger, faster, and is hands down the best tasting kale around. 2-3’ high plants shoot tender blue green lobed leaves with large white ribs. Tolerates wet soil, frosty temperatures, and is prone to overwintering with good insulation. Tender enough for fresh eating, great cooking green, and freezes well for storage.


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Product Description

This is an exceptional strain that has been adapted to life at 59° north, wet conditions, cool summers, and snow packed winters over the last 10 years. We recieved our seed stock from Nancy Berland who lives out Mud Bay here in Haines, AK. Nancy’s original seed stock came from the renown Abundant Life Seed Foundation in Washington which is no longer in operation. White Russian was the sole survivor during two flood years in Frank Morton’s trials. Fedco claims that it is a third more productive than Red Russian. High Mowing voted it the best tasting kale by their farm crew. There has been countless success overwintering it amongst Haines gardeners over the years. White Russian is a true workhorse vegetable and this strain is ready for life in the far north.

Some variation has been found in leaf shape, representing the less lobed leaves of a traditional Siberian Kale. We have not found this variation to affect plant flavor or vigor. We look forward to continuing to clean up this adapted strain so it is increasingly true to type in the future. Rogue off types in your own garden and save the seeds to help with this process.